Lightsaber OLED Screen Explained | Lightsaber Terminology

OLED is a type of display technology incorporated into the design of some custom lightsabers. OLED is short for organic-light emitting diode. An OLED screen serves a dual-purpose, operating as a small functional display and as a decorative accent piece. The screen creates light within each individual pixel in order to make up images or animations.

Vader’s Vault

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OLED screens on two Vader’s Vault lightsabers (left and middle) and The Custom Saber Shop DIY OLED screen (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault and The Custom Saber Shop

Vader’s Vault
The Custom Saber Shop

OLED Screens and Custom Sabers

An OLED screen for a lightsaber is typically quite small, measuring a bit over 1 inch in length. A custom saber equipped with an OLED screen is pre-programmed with features like menu navigation/lightsaber info (e.g. power level indicator, sound font name, soundboard info, etc.) and decorative displays (e.g. images or animations of a crystal chamber, control panel, sequencers, PCB, activation box, etc.). The lightsaber user rotates through the different screens using an aux switch. Additionally, the user may program their own custom images and animations into the saber.

Since an OLED screen is vulnerable to damage from direct hits during lightsaber dueling, lightsabers with OLED screens should only be used for light to moderate dueling. Ask the respective saber manufacturer for more information.

Vader’s Vault Sovereign lightsaber equipped with an OLED screen | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault

Not all custom saber companies include an OLED screen option and not all lightsaber soundboards support an OLED screen. Even the companies that do use OLED screens typically only offer the OLED screen option on specific hilt models. The custom saber companies Vader’s Vault and Sabertrio offer an OLED screen as an upgrade on select sabers. The Custom Sabers Shop (TCSS) sells custom OLED displays for DIY lightsaber builders as well.

Image depicts a Vader’s Vault Sovereign lightsaber equipped with an OLED screen

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