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This party’s over. KR Sabers Master MW3 Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the gold accented Mace Windu ROTS lightsaber. The chrome plated hilt is engineered to balance screen accuracy with ease of an electronics installation. KR Sabers offers Master MW3 lightsaber as an empty hilt or as an empty hilt with an electronics installation kit (multiple options). The company released the Master MW3 lightsaber in late November 2022 alongside several other Prequel Trilogy inspired models.

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KR Sabers Master MW3 Lightsaber
KR Sabers Master MW3 Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT KR Sabers

Master MW3 lightsaber is comprised of a regal, chrome gold and chrome plated CNC machined AL 6061 and brass hilt. The blade holder accepts a 7/8 inch diameter blade. Hilt includes a screw-on chrome gold colored blade plug, but not a blade. Unscrew the gold colored blade holder and replace the piece with the screw-on chrome gold blade plug when you put the hilt on display or wear it as a belt hanger. A black Covertec wheel attaches to the lower part of the hilt. Note that there may be minor imperfections to finish from manufacturing. Hilt is not guaranteed to be flawless.

Buyer must attach the the gold bars to the top of the hilt and black grips to the lower part of the hilt. One gold bar may serve as an activation switch with a rocking switch system (i.e. switch rocks up and down). Both the bars and grips use a self-adhesive backing. Hilt includes two sets of black grips: a lower profile grip set and a higher profile grip set. The buyer selects their preferred grip style and installs the grips on the lower section of the hilt. Hilt also includes a switch PCB. Switch PCB is compatible with the GOTH3D chassis designed for the hilt (sold separately). Hilt comes with a bonus gold colored KR Sabers challenge coin as well.

KR Sabers offers Master MW3 as an empty hilt. The company also offers several hilt kit options which bundle the empty hilt with a DIY electronics install kit. The install kit includes most of the necessary components for installing the lightsaber with electronics. Note that installation requires soldering and additional tools. Install kits include: a chassis (ECO Chassis, ECO CC (Crystal Chamber) Chassis, or natural brass Master Chassis), electronics parts kit, and soundboard of choice (Proffieboard v2.2, Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX), Sabertec Golden Harvest V3, or KR Sabers Verso 2.0).

Hilt run is a collaboration between KR Sabers and Elf Sabers.

The Saber Armory (operated by KR Sabers)

KR Sabers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company offering empty hilts and an extensive assortment of DIY parts and components.

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