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Saberbay Intromnia lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an original mashup design, takes design cues from several hilts in a galaxy far, far away from all three Trilogies and beyond! Saberbay offers Intromnia as an empty hilt for display or DIY (pre-assembled). The company also offers the saber as a fully installed pixel saber with CFX soundboard. Saberbay released the Intromnia lightsaber in late November 2022.

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Intronmia is a fully CNC machined hilt crafted primarily from polished and matte black anodized aluminum pieces with polished brass accents throughout. Hilt measures 11.5 inches long and weighs about 22 oz (fully installed). Hilt uses a 1 in diameter blade holder with a blade socket depth of 2.4 in. Inside of the hilt may accommodate a fully removable chassis (sold separately).

The Vader-like angled black emitter shroud covers part of the polished brass blade holder. A brass thumbscrew serves as the blade retention screw for the hilt. The two spring-loaded actuators, situated below the brass thumbscrew, feature a shine-through capability. Horizontal grooves and milled detailing (ala several Prequel Trilogy clan sabers) adorns the hilt below the shroud. A Dooku-like red acrylic accent greeblie attaches to rear of the rubberized middle section of the hilt. The lower polished brass section somewhat resembles the Mace Windu lightsaber.

The Kylo Ren-like pommel section features a series of bold, black pommel fins. An external crystal chamber in the pommel may be configured with accent LED illumination. Pommel fins are engineered to be adjustable. The end user may loosen and tighten the lower brass section in order to adjust the position of the pommel fins.

Saberbay developed the concept design for the Intromnia hilt in-house. Shadowfoil Props provided additional concept rendering. Finally, Jimmy’s Saber Junk provided final design renders and engineering for the final product.

In addition to offering Intromnia as an empty hilt, Saberbay also offers a fully installed pixel saber with a Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboard. Installed saber features: NPXL V3 shortpin hilt-side connector, two-button setup (featuring tactile switch PCBs with blade matching pixel accent LED), high amp kill key, removable KeepPower protected 21700 battery with custom battery wrap, and 28mm X-BASS 4ohm/3W speaker. Finally, the installed saber also features an illuminated crystal chamber. Chamber uses independently wire pixel accent LED enabling the wielder to configure the pixel accent LED to their own specifications.

Saberbay (Etsy) affiliate link

Saberbay is a United States based custom saber company and parts store. The company sells empty hilts, custom sabers accessories, and parts for creating and repairing lightsabers.

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