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The Saberbay Petro lightsaber hilt kit, a custom saber, is inspired by the design of the Jedi younging Petro lightsaber from TCW. Saberbay offers the Petro lightsabers as an empty hilt for DIY with an optional install parts package as an upgrade. The install package includes all parts needed for the buyer to do their own install, including a soundboard (CFX, Proffieboard or Golden Harvest V3) and a chassis. Saberbay released the Petro lightsaber in late August 2021.

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Saberbay Petro lightsaber
Saberbay Petro lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Saberbay

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Saberbay Petro lightsaber hilt kit is comprised of a machined aluminum hilt with a mostly two-toned silver and black finish. The hilt kit which breaks down into four main pieces: slanted emitter (accepts 1 inch blades), switch/body section, lower grip section, and vented pommel. The vertical grips and clamp cards come with a strong double sided adhesive to attach them to the hilt. Hilt kit arrives mostly assembled.

The install parts package includes all parts needed, including a soundboard and chassis, in order to install the electronics in the hilt. Install package includes: V3 NPXL longpin connector (unassembled), V3 ‘old style’ lens cover, brass tactile switches, Keep Power 18650 3000mah 15A li-ion battery, KR Sabers 28mm 8ohm/2W bass speaker. The package also includes a two-piece 3D printed chassis (battery contacts included) and a rotary chassis PCB set with pins. The buyer selects one of the following soundboards: Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX soundboard), Proffieboard, or Golden Harvest V3 soundboard.

Saberbay does not offer installation services for the saber. The company states that the “[b]uyer is responsible for their own install and proper handling and use of parts. We are not liable for third party damage of parts installation.”

Saberbay Petro lightsaber kit and install
Saberbay Petro lightsaber kit disassembled (left) and install parts package with three soundboard options (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberbay

Saberbay (Etsy) affiliate link

Saberbay is a United States based custom saber company offering a rotating selection of empty hilts and hilt kits along with parts and blades.

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