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Vader’s Vault Negotiator lightsaber has been unveiled. The thin neck custom saber is inspired by the design of the “simple, exaggerated features of the animated version” of the thin neck Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber. Negotiator, a limited run, will be released on Friday, February 21, 2020 at 12pm (Noon) Eastern USA time. The lightsaber will be available configured as a sound saber with a single color LED, RGB LED (multicolor) or Plecter Pixel LED. Additional blade plug options and Vader’s Vault style weathering options are available as well.

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Vader’s Vault Negotiator lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault

A series of dome-shaped studs encircle the top of Negotiator’s flanged emitter. The hilt’s thin neck is made of brass. The grenade style grip section features shallower, friendlier grooves than hilts based on the movie props. The solid-brass, Prequel Trilogy style clamp card on the activation box obscures the discreet tactile activation switch and aux switch, which are embedded in two studs on the clamp card.

The gear tooth style pommel cubes cap off the end of the hilt. The vented pommel may be removed to access the lightsaber’s soundboard as well as the USB-C and 2.1mm charge port. Negotiator uses a 28mm High Bass speaker and comes pre-loaded with a special Negotiator sound font by the sound font artist KSith.

Vader’s Vault is a United States based custom saber company specializing in mid-range to high end sound sabers.

Vader’s Vault

Image depicts Vader’s Vault Negotiator lightsaber

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