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Korbanth unveiled the Master QuiGold lightsaber hilt. The custom saber, which includes both a golden shroud and a standard chrome shroud, is inspired by the design of the Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Korbanth is offering Master QuiGold as an empty hilt or as a neopixel sound saber installed with a Proffieboard. Korbanth is accepting preorders for Master QuiGold with an estimated release date in early April 2020.

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Korbanth QuiGold Lightsaber Hilt with a golden shroud (left) or a standard chrome shroud (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Korbanth

Master QuiGold (MQG) is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. The hilt includes a functional, knurled red button and comes with both a standard chrome shroud and a more regal and opulent golden shroud. The hilt features a deep-grooved grip section. Korbanth is offering Master QuiGold as an empty hilt or as a neopixel sound saber installed with Proffieboard.

Korbanth previously offered a KR Sabers Master QGJ lightsaber in 2019. The Korbanth QuiGold Lightsaber Hilt is made by a new manufacturer.

Korbanth, a United States based custom saber company, specializes in the character inspired lightsaber hilts. The company releases empty hilts and offers a more limited selection of installed lightsabers as well.

Korbanth website https://www.korbanth.com

Image depicts the Master QuiGold Lightsaber Hilt

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