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The Shen Sabers Legend Hero lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Luke ROTJ Hero lightsaber. The metal lightsaber hilt is available as an empty hilt for display, cosplay or self-installation. Installed versions of the Legend Hero will be available at a later time. Shen Sabers began accepting pre-orders for Legend Hero on December 1, 2020. The lightsaber is slated for released in late March 2021.

Shen Sabers

Shen Sabers Legend Hero lightsaber hilt kit |IMAGE CREDIT Shen Sabers

The precision CNC machined Legend Hero lightsaber hilt is comprised of aluminum and copper alloy parts. A few parts are anodized black as well. The hilt measures 287 mm long with the blade plug installed or 278mm long without the blade plug installed. The blade holder is 25.5 mm and accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. The outside diameter (OD) of the grooved grip section is 36 to 38 mm. The inside diameter ranges from 27 mm to 31 mm.

The hilt design incorporates hidden sound ventilation into the design. The included plungers facilitate easy button operation as well. A heat sink is conveniently built into the hilt. Legend Hero may be displayed or worn as a static hilt. Alternatively, the internal design supports an in-hilt LED configuration (TRI-CREE LED or equivalent) or neopixel configuration. An optional 3D printed chassis will be available in the Shen Sabers Shapeways store.

The Legend Hero Lightsaber Hilt Kit includes:
x1 Legend Hero lightsaber hilt
x1 heat sink (built-in)
x1 Blade plug
x1 Tri-ring
x1 hex key and spare screws

Shen Sabers Legend Hero lightsaber
Shen Sabers Legend Hero lightsaber 3D model of construction (top row) and closeups on hilt pieces (bottom row) | IMAGE CREDIT Shen Sabers

Shen Sabers

Shen Sabers is custom saber workshop based in Russia. Founded in 2018, the company sells empty hilts and fully installed sabers.

Image depicts a Shen Sabers Legend Hero lightsaber

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