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AusSabers Unity Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, a mashup thin neck saber design, combines an Obi-Wan style emitter with Luke ROTJ style control box and Mara Jade style grip section. AusSabers and Vire Sabers co-designed most of the exterior hilt components. Due to the thin neck design of the hilt, AusSabers does not recommend Unity for dueling.

AusSabers offers Unity as an installed sound saber with in-hilt RGB color changing or as pixel saber (with budget Xenopixel or Proffieboard soundboard). AusSabers released the Unity Lightsaber in late April 2023.

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AusSabers Unity Lightsaber

The Unity lightsaber is comprised of a machined aluminum hilt that measures 295 mm long (about 11.61 in). The Obi-Wan Kenobi style emitter flares out to 55 mm near the blade holder. Outside diameter (OD) ranges from 33 mm to 36 mm at the hilt body’s widest point in the Mara Jade style grip section. The Luke ROTJ style control box extends 10 mm out of the hilt body. An elegant Invictus V2 vented pommel caps off the end of the hilt.

AusSabers offers Unity in three color schemes: Silver, Gunmetal, or Black.

AusSabers offers Unity as an installed sound saber with in-hilt RGB LED (with LED inside the hilt itself and a Xeno3 board) or as installed pixel saber. The in-hilt RGB version is equipped with a Xeno3 board and features LED inside the hilt itself rather than the blade. There are two pixel saber options: budget friendly Xeno3 Pixel or Proffie. All installed sabers include a blade. The in-hilt LED saber includes a standard polycarbonate tube blade. The two pixel sabers includes a pixel blade.


AusSabers is an Australia based custom saber company selling some in-house designs along with an assortment of custom sabers from LGT Saber.

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