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Ultimate Works Crossguard Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a crystal reveal saber, is inspired by the iconic Kylo Ren lightsaber from the Sequel Trilogy. Crossguard, a limited run, is available as a fully installed pixel saber (no empty hilt option). Saber comes with a special plug-and-play chassis that ONLY works with the Crossguard.

The Pach Store began accepted pre-orders for the Crossguard lightsaber in February 2023. The saber is expected to be released and ship in spring 2023.

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Ultimate Works Crossguard Lightsaber
Ultimate Works Crossguard Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Ultimate Works

The Crossguard hilt is comprised of aluminum ally, stainless steel, and acrylic elements. Hilt measures about 11.92 in long (290 mm) with and outside diameter (OD) of 39 mm and an inside diameter (ID) of 32 mm. Main blade holder accepts a 1 in diameter blade. The two side blade holders accept a 7/8 inch blade. Saber includes blade plugs for all three blade sockets and two 7/8 in side blades. Main blade, a 1 in diameter pixel blade measuring 36 in long, is an optional add-on.

Crossguard uses a special plug-and-play chassis. The chassis ONLY works with the Crossguard lightsaber and DOES NOT work with other sabers. Additionally, Crossguard is not compatible with the PreKit.

The Pach Store offers two pixel saber configurations: Asteria v2.5 soundboard or Proffieboard. Both configures use a 2W 22 mm speaker and support RGB color changing and Smooth Swing motion responsiveness.

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