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Ultimate Works LTA Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber features a sleek, katana saber design with a removable tsuba (handguard). LTA is inspired by the design of the dual Lily Tora-Asi lightsabers from the High Republic era. The shorter hilt makes the saber more of a one-handed design.

LTA is available as an empty hilt, PreKit (empty hilt with Asteria Heart connectors), or as a fully installed pixel saber. The Pach Store began accepted pre-orders for the LTA lightsaber in December 2022. The saber is expected to be released and ship in spring 2023.

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Ultimate Works LTA Lightsaber

The LTA lightsaber hilt is comprised of a machined aluminum alloy hilt with a mostly white finish with black accents and regal gold accents characteristic of many High Republic era designs. Design features two switches: one on the front and one on the rear. A red tassel adds some flare at the end of the hilt. Hilt, which is a shoto design, measures about 9.65 in long (245 mm). The short length of the hilt favors a one-handed combat style. Inside diameter (ID) of the hilt measures 1 in and the outside diameter (OD) measures 35 mm. Blade socket accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. Empty hilt make accept up to a 25 mm speaker.

Hilt includes a standard gold colored tsuba that is removable from the hilt. The buyer may also select additional tsuba designs as optional add-ons.

Ultimate Works LTA lightsaber tsuba add-ons

The Pach Store offers LTA as an empty hilt (for DIY), PreKit (empty hilt with Asteria Heart Connectors) or as a fully installed and ready-for-action pixel saber. All versions include a free blade plug, a blade retention screw, and a hex wrench for tightening and loosening the blade retention screw. Empty hilt, which may accept an electronics installation, is also display-worthy and cosplay-worthy of the box. The PreKit includes Asteria Heart Connectors along with the empty hilt (buyer must provide their own battery and Asteria heart soundboard).

LTA is also available as an installed pixel saber. Buyer may select from two configurations: Asteria or Proffieboard. Buyer may also choose to purchase the installed saber hilt with a pixel blade or without a pixel blade.

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