Ultimate Works LTA Lightsaber (High Republic Katana Saber) | New Saber Alert

Ultimate Works LTA Lightsaber

Ultimate Works LTA Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber features a sleek, katana saber design with a removable tsuba (handguard). LTA is inspired by the design of the dual Lily Tora-Asi lightsabers from the High Republic era. The shorter hilt makes the saber more of a one-handed design. LTA is available as an empty … Read more

Lily Tora-Asi Lightsabers (High Republic Katana Sabers) | Lightsaber Profile

The Lily Tora-Asi lightsabers are a pair of two single-bladed green lightsabers. Each hilt features a circular tsuba (handguard) near the emitter. Lily Tora-Asi is a High Republic era human female Jedi who serves the Jedi Order. She lives in a remote Jedi outpost. RELATED LIGHTSABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf you purchase an item through these … Read more