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The Saberz Project M lightsaber, a custom saber, is inspired by the design of the Darth Maul double-bladed lightsaber. During research and development of the run, Saberz examined a screen-used prop as a direct reference.

Project M, a detailed and screen accurate design, comes in multiple variants: Hero Standard (unpainted), Hero Limited Edition (with prop-accurate paint and numbered plaque), Stunt Version (unpainted or prop-accurate paint). Project M is available as an empty hilt capable of accepting electronics. Saberz began accepting pre-orders in February 2022 and estimates the item will ship in April 2022.

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Saberz Project M Lightsaber
Saberz Project M Lightsaber (Limited Edition Hero Version) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberz

Description (Both Versions)

Project M is comprised of a metal hilt that accepts 7/8 inch blades (blades not included). A hidden blade retention screw is tucked away under the removable emitter ring. The inside diameter (ID) of the hilt near the middle is 25mm and 28mm for 5.29 inches (134.5mm) near each end of the hilt body.

The internal coupler, which allows for optional sound venting, connects the dual sabers together to form a saberstaff. Hilt include two free blade plugs for the emitters.

Saberz Project M Hero Version

Loosen the four middle thumbscrews and pull apart the hilt ends to access the internal coupler. Two spring-loaded switches on either end of the hilt may be utilized during electronics installation.


The unpainted hero version features a bead-blasted surface and hard-anodized protection. The unpainted hilt provided a blank canvas for those who wish to customize the hilt appearance to their own specifications.

Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Hero Version features prop-accurate painting and weathering. Includes a numbered plaque as well. Limited to 200 units worldwide.

Saberz Project M Stunt Version

The Stunt Version is a similar base hilt design to the Hero Version, but lacks many of the protruding piece. Stunt Version has no knurled thumbscrews or switches, no rivets, no O-rings, and no Covertec wheels. Although the hilt lacks buttons, the buyer may attach the included circular red decals to the hilt (or use them as stencils). The decals are intended to somewhat resemble the red buttons in the Hero Version.

The Stunt Version also lacks alignment of the features, mirroring the layout of the real life Stunt. Unscrew the the hilt in the middle to access the internal coupler. Since the Stunt Version does not have the four thumbscrews in the middle of the hilt like the Hero Versions, the Stunt Version may only assemble as a saberstaff and may not separate into two individual hilts. Stunt Version is available unpainted or with a prop-accurate custom paint scheme.

Saberz Project M Lightsaber Hero Version Limited Edition (top) and Stunt Version with prop-Accurate custom paint scheme (bottom) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberz


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