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The Custom Saber Shop Green Mamba lightsaber has been unveiled. The extremely intricate, exo-skeleton-like hilt is a sibling of the ultra rare Black Mamba lightsaber, one of the most intriguing lightsabers of all time. Green Mamba, a limited run, consists of 71 machined parts (156 components total). Hilt is available empty for DIY or display. The The Custom Saber Shop is accepting pre-orders for 1 month, starting on May 4, 2023 and expects to ship the hilts in December 2023.

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The Custom Saber Shop Green Mamba Lightsaber | IMAGE The Custom Saber Shop

The curved-hilt Green Mamba lightsaber is comprised of a mostly machined aluminum consisting of 71 machined parts, 38 of which are unique. Black holder accepts a 1 inch diameter blade (not included). In addition to offering a machined aluminum finish, the Custom Saber Shop also offers custom anodized color selections for three parts zones of the hilt. Buyer may select one of five colors for each of the three zones: Black, Gold, Red, Copper Orange (looks more orange than copper), and Matte Light Green (it’s named the Green Mamba after all!).

Green Mamba is simpler than its sibling saber, albeit still complex and detailed, capturing the essence of the original design. The Custom Saber Shop notes that even though the Green Mamba is more simplified than its sibling saber, the hilt “remains one of the most challenging designs for us to bring to life.” The company also cautions that installation is “not for the faint-hearted” due, in part, to fact that the hilt kit “has numerous tiny components that could easily get lost”.

Green Mamba lightsaber is inspired by the legendary Black Mamba lightsaber run and the Twisted Fang lightsaber in the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game.

In addition to the 71 machined parts, each Green Mamba lightsaber comes with the following components:
x56 screws
x10 braided wire sleeves – precut
x4 stainless tubes
x1 ring
x1 speaker
x1 magnetic charging port and charger adapter!
x2 momentary switches with custom PCBs
x1 custom faux crystal with custom pixel PCB featuring LED for the built in crystal chamber
x1 rotary on/off switch with custom PCB to function as a kill key
x1 aluminum exoskeleton case (can be configured to function as a stand, too)

Note that the following items, sold separately, are required to complete the build: 1 inch diameter blade, 18650 wired li-ion battery, soundboard, pixel PCB and adapter.

The Custom Saber Shop offers the Green Mamba lightsaber as an empty hilt capable of accepting electronics. The company states that near the end of the run, they may email buyers with possible install services for the hilt.

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) is a United States based company specializing in lightsaber parts and accessories along with some hilt kits.

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS)

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