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The Pach Store announced the release of the Kishi lightsaber, a collaboration between the companies WonderForce and Ultimate Works. Kishi is a two-toned metallic silver and black custom saber inspired by the design of the Imperial Knights lightsaber. The lightsaber is available as an empty hilt or as a fully installed RGB sound saber running on an Ultimate Works Asteria Heart board with preloaded sound fonts by KSith. The hilt is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade (not included). Kishi the the word for “knight” in Japanese.

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WonderForce x Ultimate Works Kishi lightsaber
WonderForce x Ultimate Works Kishi lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT The Pach Store

Kishi features a slanted emitter with a large, black thumbscrew at the top. In addition to decorating the hilt, thumbscrew greeblie also serves as a blade retention screw. A large cutout section in the hilt’s metallic silver shroud exposes the black, grooved grip section. The shroud is ‘lightly weathered’ with some small scratches. Kishi features a discreet activation switch and aux switch on the front face of the hilt (the empty hilt does not include the switches). Kishi is comprised of 6 main pieces. The Pach Store states that Kishi is designed for heavy dueling.

The empty hilt version of Kishi features two switch holes that are 5.6 mm (about 0.22 in) in diameter and does not include any electronics. The installed version of Kishi runs on an Ultimate Works Asteria Heart board and features Tri-cree RGB color changing LEDs. The soundboard includes 6 sound banks on the SD card (the sound and sensitivity of the saber may be customized). The saber uses 2 aux switches for changing the blade color and for activating effects including blaster, Flash on Clash, and lock up effects. An interior chassis protects the saber’s soundboard, in-hilt charge port, and 2W 8ohm speaker, and provides SD card access. Kishi runs on a removable 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery. An external charger is included (no USB port).

Kishi is available for purchase from The Pach Store. The Pach Store is a Hong Kong based custom saber company, offering an assortment custom sabers and empty hilts ranging from budget friendly to high end.

The Pach Store https://www.thepachstore.com

The Pach Store
Image depicts the WonderForce x Ultimate Works Kishi lightsaber.

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