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SaberMach released the Templar Neopixel lightsaber. The custom saber, which shares some design similarities with one of the Revan lightsabers, is an affordably priced neopixel saber. The hilt is primarily black with some silver and gold accent colors. The lightsaber is available exclusively configured as an RGB neopixel saber.


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SaberMach Templar Neopixel Saber | IMAGE CREDIT SaberMach

Templar, which uses a machined aluminum hilt, is equipped with a new KitSaber entry-level soundboard, removable 18650 li-ion batteries and an in-hilt recharge port. The removable 1 inch diameter neopixel blade is 36 inches long. A Covertec knob is situated near the base of the of the hilt.

As a neopixel saber, Templar includes a variety of visual effects and sound effects. The RGB saber features 11 blade color options and multiple visual effects including: flame effect, rainbow effect, black lockup effect, and tip drag effects. Additionally, the saber is equipped with multiple sound effects including: clash sounds, smooth swing, blaster bolt deflect sounds, and blade lockup sound.

SaberMach is a custom saber company based in Singapore.


Image depicts SaberMach Templar lightsaber

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