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The Parks Sabers Aria lightsaber, a custom saber, is an original design sharing some similarities to the Darth Vader lightsaber, including a slanted emitter and t-track grips. The lightsaber is a Phase Saber, equipped with in-blade LED lighting (light only, no sound). Originally released in 2009, Parks Sabers discontinued the Aria design.

Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks sell empty saber hilts on eBay
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Parks Sabers Aria lightsaber
Parks Sabers Aria lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Parks Sabers

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The Parks Sabers Aria lightsaber, a slim design, is machined from aluminum. The two-toned Aria lightsaber is mostly metallic silver with black accents. A slanted emitter shroud encircles the blade holder. A low profile activation box is situated in the middle of the hilt. A series of black, t-track grips encircle the lower section of the hilt. A Covertec wheel attaches to the lower part of the hilt as well.

Parks Sabers Aria Lightsaber: Phase Saber

The Parks Sabers Aria lightsaber is equipped with a Phase Blade, proprietary blade that houses an LED lighting system inside a removable polycarbonate blade. The blade houses all of the electronics. Parks Sabers Phase Sabers light up only and do not make sound. Later versions of the Parks Sabers Aria lightsaber are equipped with a Hyperbright Phase Blade, which Parks Sabers say is 20% brighter than standard Phase Blades.

The Phase Blade color options are: green, blue, red, orange, purple or yellow. The Aria lightsaber only operates with a Parks Sabers Phase Blade or Hyperbright Phase Blade. EL Blades or any blades made by other companies are not compatible with the lightsaber.

The Phase Blade ignites and retracts with the saber scroll effect. The blade features two illumination modes: Full Power mode (solid illumination) or Phase Blade mode (a strobing effect). Phase Sabers operate using two CR123 camera batteries. A Force Touch circuit board or a metal momentary button activates the lightsaber.

Parks Sabers, based in the United States, is a pioneering company of early custom sabers and custom saber technology. The Parks Sabers found, Jeffrey Parks, first started constructing sabers in 1993. Jeffrey Parks continues to sell empty lightsaber hilts on eBay under the username aynranfan.

Image depicts the Parks Sabers Aria lightsaber

Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks sell empty saber hilts on eBay
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