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The SP Sabers Spinflex lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the stunt saber that Hayden Christiansen wielded during the making of ROTS. The stunt saber is a slimmed down version of the Hero prop of the Skywalker lightsaber. The Spinflex lightsaber, an empty hilt capable of accepting electronics, is available for pre-order with an expected shipping date in June 2021.

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SP Sabers Spinflex lightsaber
SP Sabers Spinflex lightsaber rendering (final design subject to change) | IMAGE CREDIT SP Sabers

The SP Sabers Spinflex lightsaber hilt is comprised of a machined 6061 aluminum hilt with a polished finish. Durable, injection-molded vertical grip encircle the lower grip section of the hilt. The hilt design features a slim, s-curve emitter with a choke point below it for easier spinning and maneuvering. The hilt is equipped with a 7/8 inch blade holder and includes an adapter for a 10mm blade as well.

The 10mm adapter allows the wielder the option of mounting a 10mm metal rod or carbon fiber rod to the hilt, a method used during filming. The rod seats in the hilt and is supported in three places from the pommel up to the emitter. A vented pommel and a non-vented pommel are included. The hilt may accept a electronics. A stunt blade and a chassis will be available for purchase as well (sold separately).

SP Sabers https://spsabers.com

SP Sabers is an Australia based custom saber company. The company collaborated with Phoenix Props to on the Empress Regnant folding saberstaff.

Rendering of the SP Sabers Spinflex lightsaber

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