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Laredo Sabers Youngling Protector Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of a fallen Jedi’s lightsaber that comes in the possession of Jedi Master Kelleran Beq. Beq rescues Grogu during enactment of Order 66. Hilt shares design similarities with other Clone Wars era Jedi lightsabers.

Laredo Sabers opened an interest list for the Youngling Protector lightsaber in early June 2023. The company states that the run minimum is 50 units. Laredo Sabers offers Youngling Protector as an empty hilt (for DIY) or as an installed pixel saber (basic version or advanced version with crystal chamber).

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Laredo Sabers Youngling Protector Lightsaber
Laredo Sabers Youngling Protector Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Laredo Sabers

Designed by Laredo Sabers, the Youngling Protector lightsaber is comprised of a machined aluminum and brass hilt with a mostly silver finish with black accents. Hilt features a flared, bell-shaped emitter, black and metallic red thumbscrew greeblies, and notched pommel. A cutout area in the lower part of the hilt reveals the inner grooved grip section. A black Covertec wheel attaches to the lower part of the hilt. Kit includes shine-through 5mm and 3mm LED caps. DIY empty hilt kit includes hex wrenches, extra screws, name plate, and a free basic chassis STL file.

In addition to offering the Youngling Protector as an empty hilt, Laredo Sabers also offers two pixel electronics installation options: basic install or advanced install (with crystal chamber). Both versions comes pre-installed with 12 sound fonts including a custom Laredo Sabers Youngling Protector sound font.

The basic install version includes a basic 3D printed chassis (PLA plastic), Proffiedboard soundboard, rechargeable Li-ion battery, pixel blade connector, 24 mm speaker and kill switch. The advanced install version includes a 3D printed chassis (PA12 nylon) with crystal chamber, rechargeable battery, and 3D printed inner grip replacement. Grip replacement enables full chassis reveal. Advanced install also comes equipped with pixel blade connector, pixel illuminated kyber crystal, 28 mm speaker, kill switch, and 2 pixel accent LED in the middle of the hilt.

Although the Youngling Protector is the first hilt run organized by Laredo Sabers, the company has collaborated with Phoenix Props and Saberbay on multiple hilt runs in recent years.

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