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Azy’s Workshop Grond lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a LOTR inspired mashup lightsaber, is a high-end piece inspired by the weapon of Morgoth (aka Melkor). The design features a clawed emitter and pommel, two crystal chambers, and genuine leather wrap.

Originally released as a one-off commissioned design, Azy’s Workshop launched a followup microrun of 4 additional Grond lightsabers due to popular demand. The installed neopixel saber operates on a Proffieboard. After opening the micro run January 2021, Azy’s Workshop completed the project in late August 2021.

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Azy's Workshop Grond Lightsaber
Azy’s Workshop Grond Lightsaber (original Grond hilt) | IMAGE CREDIT Azy’s Workshop

The Azy’s Workshop Grond lightsaber is comprised of a handcrafted aluminum hilt featuring weathering and ornate, curvy etchings. Inspira Designs machined the emitter and pommel claws. The structural aluminum chassis features magnetic doors that reveal a resin printed trans red inner chassis. Two windows in the emitter reveal the crystal chamber style blade plug. The handmade blade plug features a smelting quartz with a brass tube housing. Between two sections of defconbird (SaberGear) genuine leather wrap, grip area windows reveal the chassis crystal chamber with geosphere quartz.

The saber, which operates on Proffieboard 2.2, is a fully installed neopixel saber with a SCW neopix connector. Powered by a removable 21700 li-ion battery, the saber also uses a 28mm 3W bass speaker. The saber comes pre-installed with a custom Grond sount font by Samuel Tardif.

Azy's Workshop Grond lightsaber
The Azy’s Workshop Grond lightsaber (original Grond hilt) | IMAGE CREDIT Azy’s Workshop

Azy’s Workshop (Facebook)

Azy’s Workshop is a Canada based custom saber maker. He accepts commissions on custom saber and prop projects, including custom scratch made designs.

Image depicts Azy’s Workshop Grond lightsaber

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