Stunning Battle Flags for a Lightsaber Display | Lightsaber Terminology

Battle flag are custom flags or banners emblazoned with a Star Wars inspired emblem. A battle flag may be incorporated into a lightsaber display or Star Wars merchandise/memorabilia display. A battle flag may also serve as a stand-alone piece suitable for display in its own right. Some lightsaber enthusiasts utilize a battle flag as a backdrop for a photo or video of a lightsaber.

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Battle Flags and Banners for Lightsaber Displays

JM Saber Installations (Etsy) [affiliate link] designs, makes and sells an assortment of custom fabric battle flags. The flags feature a selection of emblems and come in various styles and sizes. The flags have grommets installed for wall hanging. Soroc Sabers (Etsy) [affiliate link] makes a selection of glossy canvas banners as well.

Battle Flag Faction Banner
JM Saber Installations Battle Flag (left) and Soroc Sabers Faction Banner (right) | IMAGE CREDIT JM Saber (left) and Soroc Sabers (right)

Battle Flags in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Battle flags appear in “Sacrifice” (2015), a cinematic trailer for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion of the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the trailer, twin brothers Arcann and Thexan unfurl two worn and tattered battle flags at the feet of their father. Each flag contains two lightsaber trophies, representing both Jedi and Sith the brothers defeated in battle.

Star Wars battle flag
Screenshot of battle flags in the SWTOR game trailer “Sacrifice” (2015) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/BioWare

Image depicts tattered battle flags in a trailer for the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic

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