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The Pach Store unveiled the Shadowblade Dark Saber lightsaber, a custom saber with a flat hilt and flat blade inspired by the design of the legendary black-bladed Mandalorian Darksaber. Shadowblade is manufactured by YDD Saber. Shadowblade, which is configured as a sound saber, uses a white LED to illuminate the blade. Shadowblade is open for pre-orders with an estimated shipping date in late June to early July 2017.

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The Pach Store Shadowblade Dark Saber
custom Shadowblade Dark Saber from The Pach Store | IMAGE CREDIT The Pach Store

The metallic silver colored Shadowblade hilt is flat, boxy and sword-like in design. The hilt, which is made out of aluminum, features a slanted emitter and a handguard near the emitter. A series of thin grooves extend the length of the hilt.

Shadowblade comes equipped with a 2W speaker and a soundboard with two preinstalled sound fonts and a mute function. The saber features an in-hilt USB recharge port in order to charge the 3.7V 3000mah battery. The USB charging cable is included (must be charged with 5V 1A).

A 12W white LED illuminates the lightsaber blade. Shadowblade includes a Flash on Clash visual effect. The buyer must select one of three Flash on Clash options: Red Flash on Clash, Ice Blue Flash on Clash, or no Flash on Clash (white LED illumination only).

The removable “Regular” flat acrylic blade is about 0.4 in thick (1 cm) and about 28.35 in long (72 cm). A removable polycarbonate “Duel worthy” blade is an available option as well.

The Pach Store is a Hong Kong based custom saber company that specializes in affordably-priced sound sabers. The company ships lightsaber around the world.

The Pach Store

Image depicts The Pach Store Shadowblade Dark Saber

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