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The Saber Merchant TSM Swoop Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Corran Horn speeder bike handle lightsaber. Swoop lightsaber, a limited run of 50 units, is available as an empty hilt that may accept electronics. The Saber Merchant began accepting pre-orders for the Swoop lightsaber in early June 2023 with expected fulfillment later in the month.

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The Saber Merchant TSM Swoop Lightsaber (Corran Horn inspired)
The Saber Merchant TSM Swoop Lightsaber Hilt | IMAGE CREDIT The Saber Merchant

TSM Swoop Lightsaber is comprised of a machined T6061 aluminum hilt designed for a one-handed grip. The Saber Merchant offers two finish options: raw aluminum (favors etching, weathering, and other customizations) or acid-dipped matte black.

Hilt features three main sections: emitter/switch section, grip section, and pommel assembly with discrete sound vents (two-piece). Hilt kit includes two thumbscrews: one red and one black. Thumbscrews serve both as a functional blade/pixel retention screw and a eye-catching hilt greeblie. The Saber Merchant offers multiple button options: translucent red or green on/off switch (for stunt setup), red momentary switch, black two-way momentary toggle switch or a new dual tactile switch.

Hilt includes a FREE digital download of a brand new sound font developed specifically for the Swoop lightsaber. Also includes a free 3D printed high-infill Matte PLA chassis in gray or black. Three styles will be available at launch for the following soundboards: CFX, Proffieboard, or Golden Harvest V3. Note that the soundboard and other electronic components are NOT included with the hilt kit or chassis. The Saber Merchant, does however, offer a selection of soundboards and many DIY saber electronics and components in their Etsy store.

The Saber Merchant previously released a different Corran Horn style hilt in 2021 called TSM Speeder Lightsaber Hilt.

The Saber Merchant (TSM) affiliate link

The Saber Merchant (TSM) is a United States based custom saber company that designs and sells empty hilts. The store offers a selection of DIY custom saber parts as well.

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