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The Genesis Custom Sabers Badaxx lightsaber is custom saber with an original curved-hilt design with sleek and flowing lines. The company touts the saber as “born of a desire to satisfy the illuminated saber enthusiast with a unique curved saber that is made for fighting”. The company originally unveiled prototypes of the Badaxx hilt in October 2013. Badaxx is available available configured with a Plecter Pixel hilt or with an in-hilt LED (multiple options).

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Genesis Custom Sabers Badaxx lightsaber
Genesis Custom Sabers Badaxx Lightsaber (curved-hilt design) | IMAGE CREDIT Genesis Custom Sabers

The Badaxx lightsaber is comprised of a metal hilt that measures 11.875 inches long. The outside diameter (OD) is about 1.375 inches in the grip section. Genesis Custom Sabers creates the bend in the lower part of hilt through a method called Mandrel bending, a technique that creates a bend in the hilt without wrinkling or kinking the bending point.

The hilt is available in two standard finishes: two-toned (anodized black grip section and silver emitter shroud and pommel) or Darkside Anodized (i.e. all black finish). The emitter shroud features a half-circle window and a decorative box that may serve as a guard. The wielder may comfortably grip the hilt in the lower part of the box, which features a low profile aux switch. A recessed illuminated AV switch serves as the main switch and is situated in a recessed section in the lowest part of the hilt shroud. The vented pommel follows the the curve of the main hilt and flares out slightly at the end.

Since 2013, the Badaxx lightsaber has become one of the most sought after production saber designs released by Genesis Custom Sabers.

Genesis Custom Sabers (GCS)

Genesis Custom Sabers (GCS), sometimes referred to as Madcow, is a Canada based custom saber company. The company makes midrange/high end production sabers. GCS previously accepted commissions for extremely customized, high end projects as well.

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