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The SithLord Sabers Menace lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, an original design, features menacing, SWTOR-esque emitter blades/claws. The lightsaber is available as an empty hilt capable of accepting an electronics installation. SithLord Sabers offers installation and customization options as well. The limited run will consist of 100-150 hilts total. SithLord Sabers estimates the Menace lightsaber will ship in mid 2021.

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SithLord Sabers Menace lightsaber
SithLord Sabers Menace lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT SithLord Sabers

The SithLord Sabers Menace lightsaber is comprised of a CNC machined aluminum hilt with a machined polish finish. The hilt has an inside diameter (ID) of 1 inch and accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. The open, ‘blank canvas’ design provides ample opportunity for customization like: etching, powder coating, weathering, leather wrap, etc.

The two emitter side blades feature a wavy, serrated-looking edge (edge is not sharp). The blades are detachable from the hilt. The user may remove the blades and fill the gap on the hilt with space plates that are included with the hilt. A series of oval windows encircle the emitter as well. The pyramid-shaped greeblies may utilize a switch plunger mechanism (may use either one or two switch setups. The base of the hilt features sound vents and flares out and narrows to a point at the end.

In additional to offering the Menace lightsaber as an empty hilt, SithLord Sabers will offer electronics installation options and exterior customization options as well.

SithLord Sabers (Etsy) affiliate link
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Image depicts the SithLord Sabers Menace lightsaber

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