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The Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber has been released. The lightsaber, a Prequel Trilogy clan saber design, is available at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Disney released the Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber alongside the Asajj Ventress (Refocused) Legacy Lightsaber in early May around the time of Star Wars Day (May 4th).

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Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT djhenraycustoms (eBay)

The Luminara Unduli legacy lightsaber is comprised of a metal hilt with black accents and gold colored ‘fins’ in the pommel area. Stacked rings form the radiator style emitter design feature at the top of the hilt. A black activation button is situated above the metallic red greeblie with knurled edge. Turn the black button clockwise (to the right) to activate the lightsaber and counterclockwise (to the left) to deactivate the lightsaer. A black Covertec wheel attaches to the lower part of the hilt. The wheel pairs with the Galaxy’s Edge belt clip accessory (sold separately).

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The Luminiara Unduli lightsaber is a Rise of the Empire/Clone Wars era design that is extremely similar to some other designs from the the same era. Disney unveiled the similar Plo Koon legacy lightsaber in late May 2022.

As is the case with other legacy lightsabers, the hilt by itself will NOT function or make any type of sound without the Galaxy’s Edge blade attached (sold separately). Without a blade, the hilt is suitable for display or cosplay purposes only.

  • Luminara Unduli legacy lightsaber box
  • Luminara Unduli legacy lightsaber box
  • Luminara Unduli legacy lightsaber box
  • Luminara Unduli legacy lightsaber box
  • Luminara Unduli legacy lightsaber box bottom

IMAGE CREDIT djhenraycustoms (eBay) used with permission

The Luminara Unduli legacy lightsaber comes in a white cargo box with black accents. The clam-shell box features a circular button on the front of the box controls the latching mechanism. Open the box to attractively displays the hilt when opened and close the box to store and protect the hilt. Cargo box features the circular Jedi crest, a symbol of the Jedi Order, with a green background. The green background color aligns with green blade color of the Luminara Unduli lightsaber.

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