Legacy Lightsaber Display Box Review | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Each Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge legacy lightsaber comes packaged in an attractive cargo style, hard-shell plastic display box. Legacy lightsabers are officially licensed character inspired lightsaber hilts sold exclusively at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at the Disneyland and Disney World parks. Purchasing the legacy lightsaber is the only way to get the cargo style storage box.

The overall box design is pretty much the same for all legacy lightsabers, although of few of the box details are tailored to the specific lightsaber hilt design. Also, the Ahsoka Tano two lightsaber set comes packaged in a larger box. The dual-purpose box allows the user to both display the lightsaber hilt with the lid open or conveniently store the lightsaber hilt away with the lid closed.

Each legacy lightsaber box end looks like a TIE Fighter wing

The drab gray, angular legacy lightsaber container looks like a small cargo box that you’d find stacked up in the cargo hold of an Imperial Star Destroyer or some other type of Star Wars vessel. The top of the box features indentations similar to the Death Star corridor pattern. The dark gray box color exudes a rugged practicalilty and minimalism. The two ends of the box look similar to an Imperial TIE fighter wing. The box also features several grid patterns. Disney hides a small sticker on the bottom of each lightsaber, discreetly identifying the name and price of the hilt model that’s inside of the box.

Legacy lightsaber identifying label and price on the bottom of the box

Returning to the front of the box, each lightsaber cargo box features a brightly colored, circular chrevron or logo related to the lightsaber inside the box. The bright color contrasts the overall drab gray box color. The Jedi Temple Guard legacy lightsaber box uses a Temple Guard symbol with a yellow background. The bright background color behind the symbol corresponds to the lightsaber blade color (so the Jedi Temple Guard lightsaber uses a yellow blade).

Hold down the brightly colored circular chevron in order to open the box

To unlatch and open the box, press the circular chevron. Inside the box, an injection-molded piece of plastic covered by a fitted piece of cloth, holds the lightsaber hilt. The plastic piece is molded to fit the specific lightsaber hilt.

If you try to put one legacy lightsaber into the box intended for another hilt model, the lightsaber will NOT fit unless you remove the plastic piece altogether. You could choose to repurpose the box and add a different padding on the bottom since the box is pretty neat.

When you are no longer using or displaying the lightsaber hilt, simply close the box lid gently until the lid latches. Sometimes closing the lid again can be a bit tricky, but don’t roughly force the lid closed or you may break the box.

Overall, the legacy lightsaber box boasts and attractive and realistic in-universe cargo box design.

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