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The Force Relics Orgus Din lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Orgus Din lightsaber from SWTOR. Hilt features many details including an ornate emitter shroud, engraved wooden sleeve, and alumide or metal inlays. Force Relics is offering the lightsaber in two versions: an alumide accent version (empty for DIY or baselit installed sound saber) and full metal version (baselit installed sound saber only). Force Relics opened the Orgus Din lightsaber, a limited run, in February 2014.

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Force Relics Orgus Din Lightsaber
Force Relics Orgus Din Lightsaber (SWTOR lightsaber) alumide version (left) and full metal version (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Force Relics

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Force Relics is creating two versions of the Orgus Din Lightsaber hilt: alumide (3D printed material consisting of nylon filled with aluminum dust) and full metal. Only the alumide version is available of as an empty hilt. Design features a detailed shroud. Alumide hilt features alumide inlays and the full metal hilt features powdercoated metal inlays. Both versions feature a custom-engraved wood sleeve.

Empty alumide hilt has the emitter shroud installed in place, retention screw drilled and tapped, 2 holes for switches. Kit includes additional elements: two switches (one illuminated, one tactile with pearl setup), wooden sleeve, greeblies, custom heat sink, custom wood inlay blade plug, and custom kill key for the base of the hilt.

Closeups on Force Relics Orgus Din lightsaber (alumide accent version) | IMAGE CREDIT Force Relics

Installed alumide version and full metal version come installed in one of two baselit configurations: Plecter Labs Petit Crouton 3.0 soundboard or Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 7.0 soundboard. Installed saber is equipped with a 3D printed chassis, SD access via the pommel, hidden 2.1 charge port, dedicated kill key, and custom wood inlay blade plug.

Force Relics (Etsy) affiliate link

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