Nomen Karr Lightsaber (SWTOR Lightsaber) | Lightsaber Profile

Nomen Karr lightsaber

The Nomen Karr lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by Jedi Master Nomen Karr. Karr is an Old Republic era human male Jedi Master who serves the Jedi Order. He serves the Jedi Order, training Somminick Timmns and later Jaesa Willsaam as his apprentice. Karr eventually falls to the dark side during a duel … Read more

Force Relics Orgus Din Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

The Force Relics Orgus Din lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Orgus Din lightsaber from SWTOR. Hilt features many details including an ornate emitter shroud, engraved wooden sleeve, and alumide or metal inlays. Force Relics is offering the lightsaber in two versions: an alumide accent version (empty … Read more