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The shopDisney Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Hilt Set has been released. The wielder may connect together the two included hilts to form a lightsaber pike with a straight connector or a folding connector. Each hilt accepts a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge legacy lightsaber blade (sold separately). Disney released the Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Set on Disney+ day on November 12, 2021.

The set is a Limited Edition of 3,000 and sold out quickly on the shopDisney website. Some buyers have reported that Disney cancelled and refunded their purchase. The reason for the cancellations is unknown.

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shopDisney Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Hilt Set
shopDisney Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Hilt Set | IMAGE CREDIT shopDisney

The officially licensed set includes: two hilts, two different connectors (straight and hinged), two endcaps, a wooden case and a Certificate of Authenticity. Each hilt is 85% zinc, 10% ABS, 5% POM. Each single hilt measures 9 inches long and 1.75 inches diameter. The connected hilts measure 24.125 inches long. The set comes inside a wooden case with a sliding lid measuring 4.75 in by 28.75 in by 8.25 in. Box features the Jedi Temple Guard Crest and Aurebesh text reads “Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Pike”.

Although Disney previously released the similar Star War Galaxy’s Edge Jedi Temple Guard Legacy Lightsaber as a single hilt, the hilt didn’t include any type of connector. The limited edition set includes the two never before offered connectors. Two different connectors allow the wielder to combine the two Jedi Temple Guard hilts to form a lightsaber pike. One connector is rigid and the other connector is bendable (i.e. folding). The wielder may also attach an endcap to each hilt and use them as single hilts. Each hilt requires 3 AAA batteries (total of 6 AAA batteries for both hilts).

Each hilt may accept a Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber blade (sold separately). The Galaxy’s Edge blade is designed for legacy lightsabers or Savi’s Workshop lightsabers. The blades illuminate yellow when attached to the Jedi Temple Guard lightsaber hilt.

The set coordinates with additional Galaxy’s Edge accessories and display pieces including:
lightsaber belt clip
lightsaber sheath
lightsaber hilt stand
Jedi Temple Guard Mask

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