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The Korbanth Desert Scavenger lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Rey Skywalker lightsaber, found parts style lightsaber at the end of TROS. The lightsaber, a limited run, will be available as an empty hilt or as an installed neopixel saber. Korbanth estimates the Desert Scavenger lightsaber will ship in late January 2021.

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Korbanth Desert Scavenger lightsaber
Korbanth Desert Scavenger lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Korbanth

The Korbanth Desert Scavenger lightsaber, a metal lightsaber, has a series of arrowhead-shaped teeth crown the emitter section of the hilt. The teeth are static and do not have an opening mechanism. Additionally, the ‘open teeth’ section is only emitter in the hilt kit (i.e. there is no swappable ‘closed teeth’ emitter piece).

The lightsaber features twist activation via the ring below the emitter area. Desert Scavenger accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. A built-in belt clip attaches to the hilt near the vented pommel. An optional Goth 3D chassis will available before Korbanth begins shipping the lightsabers.

By default, Korbanth offers Desert Scavenger with some realistic weathering to the black finish and a tea-stained muslin cloth wrap in the grip section. The buyer may request an unweathered black hilt, however.

Closeup on the Korbanth Desert Scavenger lightsaber emitter (left) and pommel and belt clip (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Korbanth

Korbanth is a United States based custom saber company that offers may custom character inspired lightsabers. The company sells empty hilts and a selection of installed neopixel sabers.

Korbanth https://www.korbanth.com

Image depicts the Korbanth Desert Scavenger lightsaber

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