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Soupcan13creations Maximum Effort lightsaber has been released. The custom saber features Deadpool theme, katana inspired design, and a decorative brass knuckles style attachment in the grip section! The saber creator characterizes the hilt as “big, ridiculous, overly flashy and obnoxious”. Indeed, the Maximum Effort lightsaber may well be one of the most intentionally obnoxious hilt designs you’ve seen in a while.

Hilt is for display and cosplay purposes only. Not designed to accept electronics or a blade. Soupcan13creations released the Maximum Effort lightsaber in late September 2022.

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Soupcan13creations Maximum Effort Lightsaber
Soupcan13creations Maximum Effort Lightsaber (Premium Painted finish) | IMAGE CREDIT Soupcan13creations

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The Maximium Effort lightsaber is comprised of a 3D printed resin hilt with a steel threaded rod interior for stability. Hilt design envisions the features, details and overall design you’d find on a lightsaber constructed by or for Deadpool. Deadpool is a sarcastic superhuman mercenary in the Marvel universe. Hilt measures 12.25 inches long and 2 inches wide overall (4 inches wide including the knuckles).

Buyer may select a raw resin finish (unpainted) or a Premium Painted finish. Overall hilt exudes a rugged industrial vibe. The katana style hilt features a curved-hilt design with an oval profile and a tsuba (handguard). Tsuba resembles a four-pointed ninja throwing star. A circular Deadpool logo is situated underneath the tsuba. A faux 1911 style trigger ignition switch flanks one side of the logo. The curved grip of the hilt creates the diamond patterning of a tsuka ito wrap on a katana. Knuckles attach to one side of the grip.

Hilt design features lots of additional, intentionally over-the-top Deadpool detailing including: faux MP3 player/headphone and mic jack on the pommel, a faux “Jedi, zombie, Sith” switch on the side of the pommel, and braille notes for AI. Knuckles feature ‘WADE’ written backwards in Aurebesh script for stamping faces.

Premium Painted version of the hilt features a weathered metallic silver finish with a weathered dark red grip section.

Soupcan13creations (Etsy) affiliate link

Soupcan13creations is a custom saber hilt creator specializing in raw and painted 3D printed resin hilts. Some hilts are pop culture mashup designs taking some inspiration from a non-Star Wars franchise or story line.

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