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The Korbanth Satele lightsaber has been been unveiled. The custom saber, an etched double-ended lightsaber hilt, is inspired by the design of Old Republic era Satele Shan lightsaber. The lightsaber will be available as an empty hilt or installed saber. Korbanth will accept pre-orders on the Satele lightsaber from October 15 until midnight October 22, 2020.

Korbanth https://www.korbanth.com
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Korbanth Satele lightsaber
Korbanth Sabers Satele lightsaber (prototype, final product subject to change) | IMAGE CREDIT Korbanth

The Korbanth Satele lightsaber is comprised of a metal, double-ended lightsaber hilt. The hilt is ornately etched in the grip section. The long, double-ended saberstaff may be separated and configured as two single hilts. A coupler joins the two hilts together to form a saberstaff. When the hilts are separated, a vented pommel caps off the end of each hilt. Each hilt supports two working buttons and a 1 inch diameter blade. The hilt is designed to accept electronics installs, including neopixel configurations (i.e. Proffieboard or CFX).

Korbanth will accept preorders from October 15, 2020 to midnight October 22, 2020. The run will proceed as along as at least 50 buyers preorder the Korbanth Satele lightsaber.

Korbanth is a United States based custom saber company that offers may custom character inspired lightsabers. The company sells empty hilts and a selection of installed neopixel sabers.

Korbanth https://www.korbanth.com

Image depicts a prototype of the Korbanth Satele lightsaber

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