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Custom saber maker Denis Lukyanov unveiled the Oggdo Killer Lightsaber. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the damaged Jaro Tapal/Cal Kestis lightsaber in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Denis Lukyanov (Facebook)

Lukyanov will offer the Oggdo Killer as an lightsaber hilt kit. The lightsaber, released as a limited run, will be available as a damaged hilt (a weathering option will be available as well). Additionally, two hilts may be combined to make a saberstaff. Lukyanov plans to begin accepting orders for the Oggdo Killer lightsaber in July 2020.

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Prototype of Lukyanov Oggdo Killer lightsaber (final design subject to change) | IMAGE CREDIT Lukyanov

In the run interest thread, Lukyanov writes, “I want to make [the Oggdo Killer lightsaber] as close as possible to the original [Fallen Order lightsaber] based on official promo prop, concept arts, 3D-model.” The Oggdo Killer lightsaber hilt is primarily comprised of aluminum with brass and some steel parts and cast resin.

The hilt will be available as a damaged single-bladed version capable of accepting a 1 inch diameter blade and a 28mm speaker (not included). Two of the single hilts may be combined into a saberstaff. The hilt features a one button design and hidden screws and hidden sound vents. An optional chassis will be available as well.

Oggdo Killer Lightsaber will be available for $350 per empty hilt (plus shipping).

Prototype of Lukyanov Oggdo Killer lightsaber (final design subject to change) | IMAGE CREDIT Lukyanov

Lukyanov Oggdo Killer lightsaber Interest Thread (Replica Prop Forum)

Denis Lukyanov (Facebook)

Denis Lukyanov, often referred to simply as Lukyanov, is a custom saber maker based in Russia. Lukyanov designs and releases limited runs of character inspired empty hilts, including the Crimson Lord lightsaber and multiple runs of the Creepy Uncle lightsaber hilt.

Image depicts prototype of Lukyanov Oggdo Killer lightsaber (final design subject to change)

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