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CCSabers Dark Apprentice lightsaber, a saberstaff, combines two hilts: a Maul inspired hilt and a Ventress inspired hilt. Each hilt is available individually or as a set of two (Maul + Ventress or Maul + Maul). The hilt(s) are available empty (for DIY) or installed with Proffieboard as a pixel saber. CCSabers released the Dark Apprentice lightsaber in mid May 2022.

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CCSabers Dark Apprentice Lightsaber (saberstaff) | IMAGE CREDIT CCSabers

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Each single hilt is machined from 6061 aluminum alloy and measures about 11.81 in long (30 cm). The blade holder accepts a 7/8 inch diameter blade. Empty hilt also includes a coupler, necessary tools (i.e. hex wrench), manual, and mystery gift. Combine two of the Maul inspired hilts to form Maul TPM saberstaff. Combine one Maul inspired hilt with one Ventress inspired hilt to create a saberstaff inspired by the Clone Wars Season 7 Maul lightsaber.

CCSabers Dark Apprentice Lightsaber (single hilt, Ventress inspired) | IMAGE CREDIT CCSabers

An installed version of the saber is available as well. The installed pixel saber is equipped with Proffieboard. Installed saber includes everything included with the empty hilt along with a blade plug, belt clip, and battery and charger. Pixel blade(s) are sold separately.

CCSabers (Etsy) affiliate link

CCSabers, operated by Carl Chen, is a United States based custom saber company specializing in limited hilt runs, installation services, and saber components.

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