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The Roman Props Antigonee V2 lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is an original design that takes some design cues from the Obi-Wan Kenobi TPM lightsaber. Roman Props offers the Antigonee V2 lightsaber as an empty hilt suitable for display, cosplay, or accepting an electronics installation.

Roman Props (Note: Non-HTTPS website)
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Antigonee V2 is a slight variation of the original Roman Props Antigonee V1 design. The only design difference between the two hilts is the pattern of the rectangles in the upper grip section. Roman Props released Antigonee V2 in March 2017 while simultaneously reissuing its predecessor Antigonee V1.

Roman Props Antigonee V2 lightsaber hilt (empty hilt) | IMAGE CREDIT Roman Props

Antigonee V2 Lightsaber Description and Specs

The Roman Props Antigonee V2 lightsaber hilt is an aluminum construction with a 1 inch slip-fit emitter shaft. The inside diameter (ID) of the main body is about 33mm. A 4-40 blade retention screw secures a blade (not included) inside the hilt. The two-toned hilt is mostly metallic silver in color with black accents. Antigonee breaks down into three main pieces: emitter section, body and pommel. A copper heatsink is included as well.

The Antigonee V2 lightsaber features a flared blade holder and a series of 3 hollow LED bezels encircle the hilt just above the choke point (i.e. neck). The hollow LED bezels may serve as pin-hole windows in the emitter, if the lightsaber is installed with electronics. An grenade style grip forms the top half of the body. The section forms a grid-pattern of evenly space, lined up rectangles (Antigonee V1 features a staggered rectangle pattern instead). The upper grip section features a pre-drilled 12mm switch hole as well.

Roman Props Antigonee V2 lightsaber hilt (disassembled) | IMAGE CREDIT Roman Props

A black Covertec wheel attaches to the lower side of the hilt body. A notched, ‘door nob’ style pommel with sound holes caps off the end of the hilt. The pommel strongly resembles the pommel on the Obi-Wan Kenobi TPM lightsaber.

Roman Props (Note: Non-HTTPS website)

Roman Props, based in the United States, is a custom saber company specializing in character inspired empty lightsaber hilts and parts.

Image depicts the Roman Props Antigonee V2 lightsaber

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