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7 Chambers has unveiled the VOS lightsaber. The custom saber is inspired by the Quinlan Vos lightsaber. The lightsaber is available as an empty hilt kit that may be installed with electronics or may be used as a display or cosplay piece. 7 Chambers VOS is available for pre-order with an expected shipping date in Fall or Winter 2020.

7 Chambers https://7chambers.co.uk

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7 Chambers Vos lightsaber
7 Chambers VOS lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT 7 Chambers

7 Chambers VOS Lightsaber Description

The VOS lightsaber hilt, which is CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminium, features four main pieces: emitter, upper body (anodized black, grooved), upper body shroud, lower grip section (grooved), and pommel (low profile, vented). Each VOS hilt kit includes two different style emitter pieces in order to enable the user to swap between both emitter versions seen in the comics. The kit includes a anodized metallic red knurled switch and custom switch PCBs for easier installs.

The inside diameter of the lower grip section is 28.5 ID, making the hilt versatile enough to accept a variety of installation configurations. VOS accepts a 1 inch diameter blade.

The 7 Chambers VOS lightsaber includes two different emitter styles | IMAGE CREDIT 7 Chambers

7 Chambers

7 Chambers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company that specializes in the limited runs of character inspired empty lightsaber hilts.

Image depicts a the 7 Chambers VOS lightsaber

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