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The Force Relics Ultor lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, an original curved-hilt lightsaber design, first became available configured as a stunt saber or sound saber. Force Relics later offered the Ultor lightsaber as an empty hilt kit as well. The first Ultor lightsabers shipped in 2016.

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Force Relics Ultor lightsaber (curved-hilt)
Force Relics Ultor lightsaber with various finishes/options | IMAGE CREDIT Force Relics

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Ultor Lightsaber Design and Specs

The Force Relics Ultor lightsaber is a cylindrical hilt with a curve in the lower part of the hilt. The inside diameter (ID) of the hilt is about 29mm throughout (except in the curved section). The hilt kit is comprised of four major pieces: blade holder (accepts a 1 inch diameter blade), alu heat sink, curved main body, and a slip fit pommel (vented with sound holes).

The kit also includes a blade retention screw (knurled thumbscrew design) and a pommel retention screw (both are M4 screws). The pommel retention screw threads through the pommel and main hilt body in order to secure the pommel in place. The company includes a 2.5mm hex wrench for installing and removing the pommel retention screw.

Force Relics Ultor lightsaber hilt (empty hilt)
Force Relics Ultor lightsaber hilt kit (curved-hilt design) | IMAGE CREDIT Force Relics

Ultor Lightsaber Configuration Options

Force Relics initially offered Ultor installed as a stunt saber (with in-hilt LED, no sound) or as a sound saber (in-hilt LED, various Plecter Labs soundboard options). The company eventually offered empty Ultor hilt kits (no electronics) as well. Force Relics offered various add-ons including: powder coating, weathering, leather wrap, etching, Covertec wheel, etc.

“Ultor” is the Latin word for “Avenger”.

Force Relics (Etsy) affiliate link

Force Relics is a Belgium based custom saber company that offers limited runs of niche character inspired designs. The company sells lightsaber parts and other custom hilts, like the Ultor lightsaber, as well.

Image depicts the Force Relics Ultor lightsaber (curved-hilt)

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