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Hasbro has released the Lightsaber Squad product line, an assortment of extendable lightsaber toys. The lightsabers in the product line, which are made of plastic, are designed to resemble iconic Star Wars characters. The first Lightsaber Squad designs are: Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and R2-D2. Hasbro added The Mandalorian and The Child to the lineup in Summer 2021.

A telescoping lightsaber blade extends out of the top of each lightsaber. The lightsaber blade color aligns with the allegiance of the character (i.e. red for dark side/Imperial-aligned characters and green or blue for light side/Rebellion-aligned characters).

The Hasbro Lightsaber Squad product line is available now from many major retailers. The lightsabers are intended for ages 4 and up. The lightsaber is non-electronic and does not require batteries.

The Complete Hasbro Star Wars Lightsaber Squad product line:
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Lightsaber Squad The Mandalorian Lightsaber (mid/late 2021)
Lightsaber Squad The Child Lightsaber (mid/late 2021)
Lightsaber Squad R2-D2 lightsaber
Lightsaber Squad Darth Vader lightsaber
Lightsaber Squad Luke Skywalker lightsaber
Lightsaber Squad Stormtrooper lightsaber

Hasbro Lightsaber Squad
Hasbro Lightsaber Squad product line of extendable lightsabers | IMAGE CREDIT Hasbro

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