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The KR Sabers x One Replicas Plo Koon lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a clan saber, is inspired by the design of the Prequel Trilogy Plo Koon lightsaber. The Plo Koon lightsaber is available as an empty hilt capable of accepting electronics. KR Sabers x One Replicas Plo Koon lightsaber, a limited run of about 100 units, was released in 2017.

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KR Sabers x One Replicas Plo Koon lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT KR Sabers

The Plo Koon lightsaber is comprised of a CNC machined aluminum hilt with black accents and a red thumbscrew button. The hilt accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. Three main pieces make up the hilt: a polished radiator style emitter, the hilt body, and the vented pommel. The black button and red button may serve as functioning switches. A domed bezel assembly and a black Covertec wheel attaches to the lower part of the hilt. The tapered, turbine style pommel features a series of machined fins.

KR Sabers is one of the larger United Kingdom based custom saber companies. The company offers empty hilts, lightsaber parts and components, and install services.

One Replicas is a Spain based custom saber company offering empty hilts, including the slimmed-down Super Stunt series, along with a selection of lightsaber parts and components. affiliate link

Image depicts the KR Sabers x One Replicas Plo Koon lightsaber

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