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Vader’s Vault Wrath lightsaber has been released. The custom Combat Class saber is based on the original design work purchased from Thomas Snyder. The lightsaber is available in three variations: Wrath (metallic silver finish), Dark Wrath (two-toned black and metallic silver finish), and Dark Wrath Nightmare (black finish). Additional Vader’s Vault style weathering options are available as well. Vader’s Vault retired the Wrath lightsaber in January 2020, stating the design would “likely return in a new form” in the future.

Vader’s Vault

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Vader's Vault Wrath lightsaber
All three variations of Vader’s Vault Wrath lightsaber (left) and Vader’s Vault Dark Wrath (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault

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The Wrath lightsaber hilt, made of aluminum, is 11.875 inches long. The bold and aggressive design features crown of short claws around the emitter. The assertive claws extend down the hilt as spines. The lower grips section is mostly smooth with some feisty ‘claw mark’ style vertical grooves. A spined vented pommel echoes the aesthetics of the emitter area. The lines and contours of the hilt are smoothed for a comfortable grip. In 2017, Vader’s Vault added Wrath coupler to create a Wrath saberstaff and a new exclusive Wrath soundfont by soundfont artist Saber Baron.

Wrath may be configured as a sound saber with a single color LED, RGB LED (multicolor) or Plecter Pixel LED (i.e. neopixel saber).

Vader’s Vault is a United States based custom saber company specializing in high quality mid-range to high end sound sabers.

Vader’s Vault

Image depicts Vader’s Vault Darth Wrath lightsaber

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