Lightsaber Ignition and Hum: An Interview with KSith (Sound Font Artist)

KSith sound font

Every lightsaber sound font tells a story. Each snap-hiss, hum, clash, and crackle reflects the personality of the lightsaber and its wielder. KSith is among the most prolific lightsaber sound font artists in the custom saber industry. His sound fonts are included with several Pach Store lightsabers as well as Sabertrio’s neopixel lightsaber line. KSith … Read more

Sabertrio Hosts RARE 10% Off Lightsabers Sale for Halloween (ends October 8)

Sabertrio Arclyte lightsaber

Sabertrio [Etsy affiliate link] is hosting a very rare 10% off sale. It’s a Halloween Sale and runs from September 27, 2018 to October 8, 2018. The sale includes all Sabertrio hilt models: Arclyte, Skylar, Aeryn and Skylar. The sale only applies to Stunt Sabers (no sound) and FX Sabers (RGB sound sabers). Unfortunately, the … Read more

Plecter Labs and the Evolution of Lightsaber Soundboards: An Interview with Erv Plecter

Erv Plecter and Plecter Labs lightsaber soundboards

Erv Plecter, electronics engineer and founder of Plecter Labs, launched his eponymous prop electronics company in 2005. Based in France, Plecter is the brains behind some of the most popular custom lightsaber boards on the market, including: Nano Biscotte, Pico Crumble, Crystal Focus, PRIZM and more. Plecter Labs soundboards, especially the entry-level Nano Biscotte and … Read more

Top 8 Custom Lightsaber Companies You Should Know About (Some are controversial, but important!)

top 8 custom lightsaber companies (various hilts shown)

Whether you’re brand new to the lightsaber hobby or you’ve been a lightsaber enthusiast for years, it’s important to know about the largest, most popular, and most influential lightsaber companies out there. Let’s talk about the the Top 8 Custom Lightsaber Companies You Should Know About. Watch Top 8 Custom Lightsaber Companies You Should Know … Read more

What are the ‘Big Three’ custom lightsaber manufacturers?

Ultrasabers and Saberforge lightsabers

The so called ‘Big Three’ custom lightsaber manufacturers are three large, established and popular custom saber companies. The Big Three custom saber companies are: Ultrasabers, Saberforge and Vader’s Vault. All three companies are well known in the custom saber community and sell a high volume of lightsabers. All of the Big Three companies are based … Read more

What’s the cheapest lightsaber blade plug? (Only $5?!)

Sabertrio lightsaber blade plug

The cheapest lightsaber blade plug on the market, by far, is the Sabertrio Blade Plug, which is only $5. I haven’t seen any blade plugs cheaper than this–if you’ve found cheaper blade plugs, let me know, especially if they are produced on a large scale by a major custom saber manufacturer. Watch What’s the cheapest … Read more

What is a chassis? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber chassis inside Sabertrio hilt

A lightsaber chassis is a protective structure that encases part or all of the internal lightsaber components and electronics. Sabertrio uses a protective chassis for the battery packs on their stunt sabers. The chassis helps keep the battery pack locked in place so it doesn’t shift around and aggravate the wiring during dueling. The Sabertrio battery … Read more

Why doesn’t Sabertrio sell empty lightsaber hilts?

Sabertrio Valhken lightsaber

Custom lightsaber manufacturer Sabertrio does not sell empty hilts and they don’t have any immediate plans to sell empty hilts in the future. Apparently customers commonly ask Sabertrio about purchasing empty hilts, but Sabertrio does not accommodate special requests for buying empty hilts. Why? Sabertrio (Etsy) affiliate link Watch Why doesn’t Sabertrio sell empty … Read more

Sabertrio: Neopixel, FX RGrB sound sabers, stunt sabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Sabertrio neopixel Vahlken lightsaber

Sabertrio [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] is a Malaysia-based custom lightsaber company that has garnered a large and loyal following since launching in 2017. Sabertrio sells two configurations of lightsabers: Stunt Sabers (in-hilt LED, no sound) and Neo Sabers (pixel sabers with either a Proffieboard or CFX soundboard). The company previously offered FX Sabers as well (in-hilt … Read more

Sabertrio Vahlken Lightsaber full review | Stunt Saber

Sabertrio Vahlken lightsaber

This is a Sabertrio Vahlken [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] and it’s in the stunt saber configuration (no sound) with a Royal Blue blade. The hilt measures 11.3 inches long with an average diameter of 1.42 inches. The hilt choke point below the emitter is a thinner than average section of the hilt, while the windowed emitter … Read more