What’s the cheapest lightsaber blade plug? (Only $5?!)

The cheapest lightsaber blade plug on the market, by far, is the Sabertrio Blade Plug, which is only $5. I haven’t seen any blade plugs cheaper than this–if you’ve found cheaper blade plugs, let me know, especially if they are produced on a large scale by a major custom saber manufacturer.

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Ultrasabers used to sell their Standard Blade Plug for only $6, but the company increased the price of the blade plug to $9 in 2018.

The Sabertrio Blade Plug is 1 inch in diameter is designed to be compatible with lightsabers from various companies that use 1 inch diameter blades. The Sabertrio blade plug features a two-toned, radar dish design. The blade plug is comprised of a black circle with a ring of light holes along with a a flat disc in the middle. It’s neat design–very basic and elegant without being boring. The ring on the outside also allows the light from the LED to shine through.

Five dollars is nearly an unbeatable price point for a lightsaber blade plug, but there is one catch. Although the blade plug is inexpensive, it doesn’t make sense to purchase the blade plug by itself due to high shipping costs, especially for buyers located outside of Malaysia (where Sabertrio is based). If you purchase the blade plug from Sabertrio, you will probably want to get multiple blade plugs or few other items along with the blade plug in order to defray the shipping costs. I’m a United States buyer and, according to the shipping calculator, if I purchased a blade plug by itself, my shipping cost would be $18.

YouTube viewer lostlune pointed out that Etsy seller BlakesSpaceMart [AFFILIATE LINK] sells an ULTRA cheap lightsaber blade plug for only $1.50. I have no experience with this $1.50 blade plug.

Of course, the ABSOLUTE cheapest lightsaber blade plug is likely the one that you make yourself. Many lightsaber enthusiasts craft their own blade plugs out of polycarbonate tubing.

Sabertrio Blade Plug

Sabertrio on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]
NOTE: Sabertrio DOES NOT currently sell blade plugs in their Etsy store [as of 8/2/2018].

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