Why doesn’t Sabertrio sell empty lightsaber hilts?

Custom lightsaber manufacturer Sabertrio does not sell empty hilts and they don’t have any immediate plans to sell empty hilts in the future. Apparently customers commonly ask Sabertrio about purchasing empty hilts, but Sabertrio does not accommodate special requests for buying empty hilts. Why?

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Sabertrio prefers to only sell lightsabers that they install themselves. From a business standpoint, selling installed sabers may make sense for several reasons. Only selling installed sabers allows Sabertrio to profit from the parts and labor involved with an electronics install. Only selling installed sabers also allows Sabertrio higher quality control on their products. If Sabertrio sold empty hilts, third party installers and sabersmiths could easily add their own electronics and the level of craftmanship would vary. In theory, most installs on Sabertrio hilts will come directly from Sabertrio.

Realistically, lightsaber enthusiasts could still access empty hilts from Sabertrio, but it’s not super easy and not cheap. A lightsaber enthusiast would need to purchase a stunt saber and gut the electronics in order get a Sabertrio empty hilt.

Sabertrio isn’t the only custom lightsaber manufacturer that does not sell empty hilts. Vader’s Vault and Electrum Sabercrafts also don’t sell empty hilts. Saberforge and Ultrasabers do sell empty hilts.

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