NUMBER ONE Sign of a Lightsaber Scam to Watch Out For on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The absolute number one sign of a lightsaber scam is being able to find little to no information about the lightsaber hilt or the company, outside of the company’s own social media page or website.

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If you visit Facebook, Instagram or other social media websites around the internet, you see ads for different lightsabers that sound really awesome. The lightsabers sound like they can do just about everything: light up, make sound, and they look ‘EXACTLY’ like the ones from the movies. These ads often describe limited quantities and crazy cheap discounts (i.e. 70 percent off). The lightsaber that arrives at your doorstep, however, will be a cheap, plastic toy that’s worth a few dollars or so.

If you EVER see a Facebook or Instagram ad for a seemingly good deal on a lightsaber, drop everything and type the product name and company name into Google or your search engine of choice. If you can’t find any reliable information about the lightsaber or the manufacturer, that’s a MAJOR red flag. The websites selling scam lightsabers often come and go, changing the name of the lightsaber and the name of the company. It’s also often difficult to find authentic customer reviews (DO NOT trust the reviews that the company posts on their own website).

Another precaution you can take is to ask about the company or the product in a lightsaber Facebook group or on reddit. People from the group will give their opinions of the legitimacy of the product and company.

Any legitimate lightsaber company, even brand new lightsaber companies, will have SOME kind of information about them floating around the internet. New lightsaber companies and products create a lot of buzz, excitement and sometimes skepticism within the custom saber community. New lightsaber companies and products get talked about and scrutinized A LOT. Finding little to no information about a product or company is a major red flag.

Keep in mind that some legitimate lightsaber companies advertise on Facebook and Instagram as well. Sometimes the scam lightsaber companies will use stolen imagery or similar imagery to legitimate, established lightsaber companies.

Be vigilant and watch out for these lightsaber scams. They’re very common and don’t show any signs of stopping.

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