Sabertrio Neopixel Blade Plug Adapter | New Saber Technology

Sabertrio Neo Chip

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber company, announced the development of Neo Chip, a neopixel blade plug adapter. How the adapter works is Neo Chip attaches to most standard thick walled blade plugs (3.2 mm thick), allowing lightsaber enthusiasts to adapt the static blade plugs into neopixel blade plugs (thin walled, 1.6mm thick blade plugs would require … Read more

defconbird: Saber Bags, Blade Plugs and Leather Wrap | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

defconbird saber bag and blade plugs

defconbird is a United States based eBay seller that specializes custom lightsaber accessories including: saber bags, blade plugs and leather wrap. defconbird, an eBay member since 2002, has earned a feedback score of over 13,000. Blade Plugs [Find defconbird blade plugs on eBay AFFILIATE LINK]Many defconbird blade plugs have a mechanical appearance with a turbine or … Read more

Blue Force Sabers: Superhero Mashup Lightsabers, Blade Plugs and Tsuba | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Blue Force Sabers lightsabers and blade plugs

Blue Force Sabers [AFFILIATE LINK], a United States based custom saber maker, has been selling custom lightsabers and accessories on Etsy since 2017. Many of his lightsabers are superhero mashup lightsabers (inspired by Superman, Batman, Thanos, etc) and are made using a steel core with added 3D printed parts. Most of his sabers are intended … Read more

Are neopixel lightsabers KILLING demand for static blade plugs?

lightsaber blade plugs

Neopixel is one of the hot lightsaber technologies of 2018 and is arguably one of the most disruptive lightsaber technologies to gain popularity in 2018. How are neopixel lightsabers affecting the market for static blade plugs? Watch Are neopixel lightsabers KILLING demand for static blade plugs? on YouTube Until recently, static blade plugs were the … Read more

Sith Bunny Discontinues Entire Lightsaber Blade Plug Line

Sith Bunny lighitsaber blade plugs

Sith Bunny, a popular lightsaber blade plug seller on Etsy, has discontinued production of his entire lightsaber blade plug line, citing low sales. Sith Bunny attributes poor sales of his lightsaber blade plugs, all of which were static, to the increased demand for neopixel lightsabers and accessories. Neopixel lightsabers use specialized neopixel blade plugs instead … Read more

3D Sabers Lightsaber Blade Plug Full Review: Reactor, Jedi, Sith

3D Sabers lightsaber blade plug

Let’s check out some lightsaber blade plugs from Etsy seller 3D Sabers. As a disclaimer, 3D Sabers sent me these blade plugs for free in order to review. The blade plugs from left to right are: Reactor, Jedi and Sith. 3D Sabers offers three additional designs, not shown, called: Rebel Alliance, Vector and Fusion. 3D … Read more

What is a razor blade plug? | Lightsaber Terminology

Darkside Engineering Razor blade plugs

A razor blade plug is a style of lightsaber blade plug that incorporates a rotary shaver head into the design. The seller Darkside Engineering is probably the most well-known razor blade plug seller. Darkside Engineering sells his razor blade plugs, which are all 1 inch in diameter, in The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums. Another TRA … Read more

Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug Dual Tone Full Review (retired)

Saberforge Apprentice blade plugs dual tone

This is a Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug and it’s the dual tone version. The dual tone version is a black with some metallic silver (a solid black Apprentice blade plug was also available). The blade plug is 1 inch in diameter. The top of the blade plug is metal and the tube section of the blade … Read more

How to PREVENT a Stuck Lightsaber Blade Plug

lightsaber blade plugs

If you’ve ever experienced a lightsaber blade plug getting stuck in your hilt’s blade socket, you know it’s a frustrating problem. Even worse, while attempting to remove the stuck blade plug you could accidentally damage the blade plug and lightsaber hilt in the process. Prevention is always better than troubleshooting after the fact, so let’s … Read more

Electrum Sabercrafts Releases First Ever Saberstaff Coupler and Blade Plugs

Electrum Sabercrafts coupler blade plugs

Custom saber manufacturer Electrum Sabercrafts has just released their very first Saberstaff Coupler and their very first blade plugs, so that’s exciting news. Watch Electrum Sabercrafts Releases First Ever Saberstaff Coupler and Blade Plugs on YouTube Electrum Sabercrafts Saberstaff Coupler The Saberstaff Coupler comes in two colors: Silver or Blackout (yes, Blackout). The coupler is compatible … Read more