Ultrasabers X Blade Plug and US blade plug Full review

Ultrasabers X blade plug and US blade plug for lightsabers

Custom saber manufacturer Ultrasabers made an ‘X’ lightsaber blade plug and a ‘US’ lightsaber blade plug. Both designs appear to be retired or, at the very least, Ultrasabers has not sold either of these blade plugs on their website in many months. Some viewers have reported receiving the ‘US’ blade plug during an Ultrasabers “Free … Read more

Kyberlight lightsaber blade plug Full review

Kyberlight lightsaber blade plug

Custom saber company Kyberlight currently produces only one style of lightsaber blade plug, called ‘Kyberlight Blade Plug’. Kyberlight Blade Plug costs $9.99 on the Kyberlight website and appears only come in one length. The blade plug is compatible with lightsabers that can accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade and is 1.5 inches long. Consider that the … Read more

Darkside Engineering R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Lightsaber Blade Plug review

Darkside Engineering R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Blade Plug

This is a Darkside Engineering R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Blade Plug. Darkside Engineering (DSE) sells this blade plug, along with a variety of razor blade plug designs, in The Rebel Armory forums (formerly known as Imperial Royal Arms). Darkside Engineering is most well-known for making razor blade plugs, which incorporate a rotary shaver head into the … Read more