What is an off-hand lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

Ultrasabers V2 lightsabers are short in length

An off-hand lightsaber is a shoto lightsaber wielded as an off-hand weapon during twin-bladed techniques or duels. In twin-bladed fighting styles, the wielder uses the off-hand lightsaber in conjunction with a full-size lightsaber in the main hand. The off-hand lightsaber, which features a smaller and more maneuverable hilt and blade than a full-size lightsaber, is most … Read more

5 Most Common Types of Lightsaber Blades

lightsabers blades

A colorful and vibrant light-up blade is one of the most distinctive and thrilling parts of custom lightsabers and Star Wars Force FX lightsabers alike. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 most common types of lightsaber blades. 1. Standard Blade (removable polycarbonate tube)One of the most common types of lightsaber blades is the … Read more

JQ Sabers: Custom Sabers and Lightsaber Parts Supplier | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

JQ Sabers lightsabers

JQ Sabers is one of the largest and most established custom saber companies in the United Kingdom. The company sells empty lightsaber hilt kits, stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers, and neopixel sabers. JQ Sabers also carries a wide selection of lightsaber parts and accessories for DIY builds and customizations including: blades, blade plugs, electronics, … Read more

ACLightsabers: Budget Stunt Sabers, Sound Sabers and Accessories | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

ACLightsabers custom sabers (various models)

ACLightsabers, a Malaysia based Etsy store, specializes in creating and selling budget friendly lightsabers. The company, which started in 2015, makes stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers, and neopixel lightsabers. ACLightsabers also sells some lightsaber accessories like flat acrylic blades, blade plugs (both static and neopixel), and a saber bag. ACLightsabers (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/ACLightsabers affiliate link … Read more

What is lightsaber acid etching? | Lightsaber Terminology

Shadowcrest Design etching

Lightsaber acid etching, sometimes simply called lightsaber etching, is a method of adding surface detail to a lightsaber hilt. During the etching process, the acid cuts away at unprotected parts of the surface in order to create a design in the metal. Etching designs vary from simple to ornate and add personality to an otherwise … Read more

What is a kyber crystal? | Lightsaber Terminology

jarret921 lightsaber crystal chamber blade plug

A kyber crystal, sometimes called a lightsaber crystal, are rare, Force-attuned crystals contained within every lightsaber. The kyber crystal helps focus energy in order to create the lightsaber’s characteristic plasma blade. A kyber crystal starts colorless and is inherently attuned to the light side of the Force. The kyber crystal changes colors, most commonly to … Read more

What is a retractable lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

retractable lightsaber

A retractable lightsaber, sometimes called an extendable lightsaber, is a lightsaber equipped with a blade that extends from and retracts into a lightsaber hilt. A retractable lightsaber mimics the scrolling effect (i.e. the extension and retraction) of the lightsabers depicted onscreen in the Star Wars movies and media. Retractable Lightsaber Toys and Costume AccessoriesMost retractable lightsabers are inexpensive … Read more

Hasbro Lightsabers: Comparing Bladebuilders, Force FX and Ultimate FX

Hasbro lightsabers

Hasbro manufactures the widest variety of officially licensed Star Wars toy lightsabers and adult collectible lightsabers on the market. Let’s compare some of the most popular Hasbro product lines, including: Bladebuilders Lightsabers, Ultimate FX Lightsabers and Force FX lightsabers. STAR WARS TOY LIGHTSABERSHasbro produces a wide variety of toy lightsabers that retail for around $10 … Read more

What is a lightwhip (Lightsaber Whip)? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightwhip (lightsaber whip)

A lightwhip, sometimes called a laser whip or energy whip, is a rare and non-standard variation of a lightsaber. No longer part of Star Wars Canon, the lightwhip appears primarily in Star Wars Legends comics and books. Notable Star Wars characters that wield a lightwhip include: Githany, Silri and Lumiya. The lightwhip employs a flexible … Read more

6 Common Reasons People Get Rid of Lightsabers

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People get rid of lightsabers for just about as many reasons that they purchase lightsabers. Let’s look at 6 common reasons people get rid of lightsabers. 1. Want to Upgrade to a Better LightsaberSome lightsaber enthusiasts get rid of old lightsabers or first lightsabers in order to upgrade to a nicer or more advanced lightsaber. … Read more