Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber Line: What You Should Know

The Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber line, manufactured by Hasbro, is an officially licensed high-end plastic lightsaber toy line designed for children. Ultimate FX lightsabers, which light up and use a soundboard with motion activated sound, can be used for light play but are not durable enough for heavy dueling. Similar to Star Wars Force FX lightsabers, Ultimate … Read more

Hasbro Lightsabers: Comparing Bladebuilders, Force FX and Ultimate FX

Hasbro lightsabers

Hasbro manufactures the widest variety of officially licensed Star Wars toy lightsabers and adult collectible lightsabers on the market. Let’s compare some of the most popular Hasbro product lines, including: Bladebuilders Lightsabers, Ultimate FX Lightsabers and Force FX lightsabers. STAR WARS TOY LIGHTSABERSHasbro produces a wide variety of toy lightsabers that retail for around $10 … Read more