6 Common Reasons People Get Rid of Lightsabers

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People get rid of lightsabers for just about as many reasons that they purchase lightsabers. Let’s look at 6 common reasons people get rid of lightsabers. 1. Want to Upgrade to a Better LightsaberSome lightsaber enthusiasts get rid of old lightsabers or first lightsabers in order to upgrade to a nicer or more advanced lightsaber. … Read more

Etsy Lightsabers and Parts: What You Should Know

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Etsy is a popular e-commerce website that emphasizes handmade, artisan, and vintage items. Many custom saber companies, both large and small, sell lightsabers, accessories, parts and services on Etsy. Search Etsy for lightsabers and accessories. 1. Etsy Platform: Buyer Protection, Security and Easy of UseSince Etsy is a large and popular buying platform, using the … Read more

How to Sell a Lightsaber on Facebook for Free

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The lightsaber community is alive and thriving on Facebook, making the social media platform an easy and convenient place to sell a lightsaber. Many lightsaber enthusiasts sell lightsabers in lightsaber-themed ‘Buy and Sell’ Facebook groups like Custom Lightsaber Owners or The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community. Selling lightsabers on Facebook is free. Unfortunately, listing lightsabers … Read more

Gutting a Lightsaber: Top 4 Reasons for Removing Internals

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Gutting a lightsaber is the process of removing all of the internal components or ‘guts’ (i.e. electronics, chassis, batteries, etc) from a lightsaber hilt. Here are the top 4 reasons sabersmiths and lightsaber enthusiasts gut a lightsaber. 1. Gutting a Lightsaber to Create an Empty Cosplay Prop or Display HiltA broken, inexpensive or outdated lightsaber … Read more

What is a crystal reveal lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

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A crystal reveal lightsaber is a lightsaber that contains a concealed kyber crystal chamber inside of the hilt. According to Star Wars canon, a kyber crystal, sometimes called the lightsaber crystal, is a Force-attuned mineral located at lightsaber’s core. The crystal reveal lightsaber’s crystal chamber, which is sometimes spring-loaded, is typically revealed by twisting a … Read more

Acrylic Lightsaber Stands: What You Should Know

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Acrylic lightsaber stands are one of the most common and popular types of display stands for lightsabers. Many custom saber companies develop their own styles and designs of acrylic lightsaber stands. Acrylic is a type of plastic. It’s more of a brittle type of plastic. Acrylic does show scratches and scuffs more easily than some … Read more

What is a dust cap for a lightsaber blade? | Lightsaber Terminology

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A lightsaber dust cap is a PVC vinyl end cap that covers the open end of a lightsaber blade when the blade is removed from the hilt. A dust cap is flexible, rubber-like, and fits snugly onto the end of a polycarbonate lightsaber blade. Watch What is a dust cap for a lightsaber blade? (Lightsaber Terminology) … Read more

BEST and WORST Reason to Get an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber

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The best part about getting an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber is you have very little control over which lightsaber you get. Oddly, the worst part about getting an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber is you have very little control over which lightsaber you get as well. Go figure. Watch BEST and WORST Reason to Get an … Read more

Death Star Corridor Pattern and Lightsaber Design

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The Death Star corridor pattern, sometimes called the Imperial corridor pattern or Star Wars light panels, serves as a distinctive and memorable backdrop to the lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The Death Star corridor pattern is comprised of bright, rounded-off ‘light panels’ offset by … Read more

Top 6 Lightsaber Safety Tips

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Wielding a lightsaber is a fun and exciting endeavor. As with any sport or hobby, however, it’s important to take some simple safety precautions in order minimize the risk of injury. Here are six tips to help you stay safe during lightsaber spinning and lightsaber duels. 1. Select a Safe and Duel Worthy Lightsaber Some … Read more