Ultrasabers lightsabers with LE SE and CE designations: What’s the difference?

Ultrasabers lightsabers, various hilt models

If you browse through the Ultrasabers product page, you might notice that some of the lightsabers say ‘SE’ or ‘LE’ or ‘CE’ at the end of their name. Let’s walk through the meaning of those terms. Ultrasabers LE (Limited Edition) lightsaber hilts Ultrasabers ‘Limited Edition’ lightsabers do not seem to be limited in quantity or … Read more

Lightsaber Blade Brightness: What You Should Know (wattage vs. lumen rating)

lightsabers blades

Sometimes lightsaber enthusiasts seem to enjoy discussing lightsaber blade brightness nearly as much we enjoy discussing the hilt designs themselves. Let’s talk about the most important factors that affect lightsaber blade brightness and how to the select the brightest blade for your circumstances. Watch Lightsaber Blade Brightness: What You Should Know (wattage vs. lumen rating) … Read more

Ultrasabers Empty Lightsaber Hilts DIY: What you need to know

Ultrasabers Scorpion lightsaber and Sentinel lightsaber empty hilt

Ultrasabers allows buyers to purchase all of their hilt designs as empty hilts, which means you can use these hilts for your own do-it-yourself project. That’s great news if you have build your own saber! Many Ultrasabers empty hilts are pretty affordable. The cheapest empty hilt that Ultrasabers sells is only $29.99. Ultrasabers’ $29.99 hilt … Read more

Lightsaber Hilt Pommel: Solid vs Vented | Lightsaber Terminology

custom lightsaber pommels from Ultrasabers and The Custom Saber Shop

The two most common types of lightsaber hilt pommels are: solid pommel and vented pommel with sound holes. The pommels featured in the article include (left to right): Ultrasabers solid pommel, Ultrasabers vented pommel, The Custom Saber Shop MPS Pommel style 10, The Custom Saber Shop Pommel style 4. Watch Lightsaber Hilt Pommel Types: Solid, … Read more

Hasbro Star Wars Force FX lightsaber vs Ultrasabers Custom Sound Saber

Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 vs Force FX lightsaber

Let’s compare a Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX lightsaber to an Ultrasabers Apprentice V4 lightsaber with Obsidian Lite sound. I’m comparing the two lightsabers because they are similarly priced, depending on where and when you buy them, and commonly purchased as first lightsabers. RELATED SABER SELLERS affiliate linksIf you purchase … Read more

Are Hasbro Star Wars Force FX lightsabers toys?

Hasbro Star Wars Rey Jedi Training Force FX lightsaber

Are Star Wars Hasbro Force FX Lightsabers toys? That’s a good question. When I think of the company, Hasbro, the first thing that comes to mind is a toy–maybe an action figure or some kind of car. Watch Are Hasbro Star Wars Force FX lightsabers toys? on YouTube Hasbro, nevertheless, does produce higher-end lightsabers equipped with metal hilts. … Read more

What is a tsuba (Handguard)? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber tsuba on a Kyberlight Saber

A lightsaber tsuba (pronounced SOO-BUH) is a handguard component located near the top of a lightsaber hilt in the emitter area. A tsuba protects the hand from getting hit by an opponent’s lightsaber blade, may change the balance point on the saber hilt, and serves as a decorative piece. Watch What is a tsuba? (Lightsaber … Read more

Can you install electronics in Ultrasabers empty hilts?

Ultrasabers empty hilts

Can you install electronics in Ultrasabers empty hilts? I’ve gotten this question several times. The good news is yes, you can install electronics in Ultrasabers empty lightsaber hilts. Watch Can you install electronics in Ultrasabers empty hilts? on YouTube This is an Ultrasabers Emperor’s Hand (Mara Jade style)s lightsaber hilt. The pommel is removeable on … Read more

Ultrasabers upgrade features: AV Switch, Windows, TRI CREE and Beyond

Ultrasabers lightsaber low end hilt models

Ultrasabers offers many upgrade features on their lightsabers, but which ones are worth the price? Lets walk through some of the benefits and drawbacks of optional upgrades on Ultrasabers lightsabers. Watch Which Ultrasabers upgrade features are worth the price? (AV switch, windows, TRI CREE, etc) on YouTube Premium LED color UpgradeUltrasabers offers some premium lightsaber colors. … Read more

What is a Choke Point? | Lightsaber Terminology

Sabertrio Arclyte lightsaber

A choke point is an area on the lightsaber hilt where the diameter narrows, allowing the wielder to spin and maneuver the saber more easily. Choke points are a common and popular lightsaber hilt feature, but they are are not used on all lightsaber hilts. Watch What is a choke point? (Lightsaber Terminology) on YouTube One common … Read more